Why Join Gonzaga Mock Trial?

Improve your Public Speaking.

As either an attorney or a witness, we can promise you that not only will your oratorical skills improve but so will your comfort and confidence in public speaking. Mock trial gives you numerous opportunities to perfect your skills in front of a variety of individuals: attorneys, judges, other students, and professors. You do not have to be pre-law to benefit from public speaking. Public speaking is a skill that can, and will, help you in any field or career.

Learn new skills.

As both an attorney and a witness, mock trial pushes you to think on your feet. Attorneys must cross-examine witnesses who may provide surprising answers. Witnesses may have to answer tough cross-examining questions on the spot and still maintain character. To be successful, both attorneys and witnesses must be able to understand both sides of an argument to strategically know what argument their opponent may be making. Joining mock trial will push you to think quicker; think outside the box; and think more analytically.

Become a new character.

From playing a kidnap victim to an expert psychologist with a British accent, mock trial gives witnesses a rare opportunity to adopt a character and have fun in the courtroom. Students have been able to perform as both an attorney and a witness.

Make Life-long Friendships.

Mock trial provides a rare academic experience where you can compete against numerous schools and create life-long bonds with your teammates. We often meet three times a week and spend a lot of time with each other. Working together towards one goal (winning!) under the stresses of tournament pressure will quickly create friendships and inside jokes that you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Real Life Experience.

Mock trial gives students hands-on, practical experience in the courtroom. Students learn how to give opening statements; direct and cross examinations; closing arguments; and the Federal Rules of Evidence.  Students learn how to think and adjust quickly on the spot. We have consistently found that our mock trial alumni are several steps ahead of their law school competition because not only do they have the experience and comfort of being in the courtroom, but they know, and can, argue the Rules of Evidence like the back of their hand.

Travel and Compete.

Mock trial gives students the opportunity to travel to other cities and states to compete! Not only do you get to compete in the courtroom with your teammate, but you get to travel with your team and explore new and exciting places.

Increase your Confidence.

If we had to pick one thing that was the most beneficial thing you could get from mock trial, it's this: confidence in yourself. Mock trial students find that their confidence in themselves substantially increases when they realize how much they can push themselves, and how well they can do. When you believe in yourself, nothing can get in your way. No matter your degree or your passion, truly believing in yourself is an invaluable skill, and mock trial can help you find that for you.